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Food Photography Equipment

Are you still wondering which is the best Food Photography Equipment to use? Here I will answer to all of your questions!

When I started taking dessert pictures, I was unhappy with the results because I didn't knew what to add to the background to make it look professional. I was wondering which is the best camera, lens, props, backdrop to use...we've all been there searching how to make the picture look more "Instagramable".

Trying the French Pâtisserie

Have you ever visited Paris? If not, you definitely need to...Paris is just incredible! I am not just talking about the huge historical attractions but also for their exquisite cuisine.

The French Pâtisserie goes way back, let's say that France is the "Mother" of Pastry, its the place where the Pâtisserie magic began. It's the Perfect place to try quality rare technique created desserts.

From something as simple and small as a macaron to Croquembouche towers! Let's start with the small pastry shops in the streets. They offer some of the best pastries I've tried in my life made with love and filled with history. These small boulangeries in the streets are the perfect way to start your trip to Paris...& you should definitely try their French Croissants.

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